Usage Report

The Usage Report can be accessed on the Usage page of the application (Reporting > Usage). In the drop-down list, select from the available date ranges to download the data for that period:

  • Week to Date
  • Month to Date
  • Year to Date
  • Select Date Range 

This reporting feature allows the user to generate and download a CSV report of select user and system activity metrics. You will need to send this report to your Hyperscience representative on a regular basis in order to allow for proper billing calculations, based on system usage and throughput.

Data reported in the CSV file includes:

  • Application Usage
  • Environment Configuration
  • Machine Transcriptions Report
  • Supervision Transcriptions Report

Product analytics

The Usage Report also includes a product_analytics folder, which contains data aggregated, anonymized data about your organization's use of Hyperscience. Product analytics data is captured in a single CSV file and includes information about flows, application settings, and user actions. It does not include personally identifiable information (PII).

The following data points are included in the product analytics CSV. We do not collect any information about the user's identity as part of these data points. 

  • A user loads a page in the application (does not include pages in the Submissions section).
  • A user logs in to Hyperscience.
  • A user logs out of Hyperscience.
  • A user sends a request to one of our API endpoints.
  • A user clicks "Perform Tasks" in the "Perform Tasks" dialog box.
  • A user clicks "Confirm" after saving changes they've made to a section of the application settings.
  • A user imports a settings file.
  • A user exports a settings file.

While we don’t require product analytics data to complete our billing calculations, sharing this data with Hyperscience will allow us to make more informed decisions about product improvements. We do not collect this data automatically. 

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