Flow Executions

When a submission is processed in Hyperscience, its flow-execution information can be viewed in the Hyperscience application. This information can be used to determine why the number of submissions ingested is greater than the number of submissions completed. You can also find, troubleshoot, and retry halted submissions.

Viewing flow-execution information 

You can find flow-execution details on the Flow Executions page (Flows > Flow Executions). By default, users in the System Admin and Business Admin permission groups have the View Flow Executions permission and can view this page.

Viewing flow-execution information from the Jobs page
While this article focuses on the Flow Executions page, System Admins can also view flow-execution information by going to the Jobs page (Administration > Jobs) and selecting Flows from the drop-down list at the top of the page.

The table on the Flow Executions page shows the following information for each flow execution:

  • Flow Execution ID — The internal ID of the flow execution. Clicking on this ID redirects you to the flow-run page for the flow execution, where you can find details about each step in the flow-execution process. To learn more, see Testing and Debugging Flows.
  • Flow Name — The name of the flow that was executed. Clicking on the name redirects you to the flow's settings in Flow Studio.
  • Flow Version — The version of the flow named in Flow Name that was executed.
  • Related to — The ID of the submission that the flow was executed for. Clicking on the link in this column redirects you to the details page for the submission.
  • Started — The date and time the flow execution began
  • Status — The status of the flow execution:
    • Failed — The flow execution was not completed successfully.
    • Running — The flow execution is currently in progress.
    • Completed — The flow execution was completed successfully.
    • Timed Out — The execution of one of the flow's blocks timed out, preventing the flow from being completely executed.
    • Terminated — The flow execution was deliberately stopped before it could be completed.
    • Paused — The flow execution has been temporarily stopped and may be resumed in the future.

Filtering the Flow Executions table 

You can filter the contents of the Flow Executions table in the following ways:

  • By date — Click the Filter by Date text box, and select the date range you want to see flow executions for.
  • By flow — Click Filters, and then select a flow from the Flow Name drop-down list. Then, click Apply Filters.
  • By status — Click Filters, and then select a flow status from the Status drop-down list. Then, click Apply Filters.

You can also search for flow executions related to a specific submission by entering the submission's UUID in the Search by submission UUID text box and pressing Return or Enter on your keyboard.



Finding and retrying halted submissions

You can use the Flow Executions page to find halted submissions. When a submission is halted, it has a Failed flow-execution status. After you find halted submissions, you can retry them from the Flow Executions page.

To retrieve a list of halted submissions:

  1. Go to the Flow Executions page (Flows > Flow Executions).

  2. Click Filters, and click on Failed in the Status drop-down list.

  3. Click Apply.

You can further filter this list by flow or by date, if necessary.

To retry the list of halted submissions:

  1. With the Flows Executions table filtered to show halted submissions, click Actions, and then click Retry failed flows in filter.

  2. Click Retry in the confirmation dialog dox.

A notification appears in the Notification Center when the retry attempts for the halted submissions are completed.

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